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Lord Dhanvantari : Lord of Ayurveda

Dernière mise à jour : 20 nov. 2020

Ayurveda was promulgated by Lord Dhanvantari, an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is worshipped all over India as the God of Medicine.

According to the Ancient Hindu scriptures, Lord Dhanvantari is the physician of the Gods and the whole Universe.

It is said that the one who prays to Lord Dhavantari can be released from all diseases.

In his representation, he is holding a conch (symbol of Creation), leeches (used as ayurvedic treatment), healing herbs, a chakra (one of the divine weapons of Vishnu), and a pot of Amrit (the divine nectar).

The day on which Lord Dhavantari was born is celebrated as Dhanvantari Jayanti. It falls every year two days before Diwali, the festival of light. At this day, we pray to welcome Lord Dhavantari in the house for good health and happiness in life.

Dhanvantari prayer

ॐ शङ्खं चक्रं जलौकां दधदमृतघटं चारुदोर्भिश्चतुर्मिः

सूक्ष्मस्वच्छातिहृद्यांशुक परिविलसन्मौलिमम्भोजनेत्रम ।

कालाम्भोदोज्ज्वलाङ्गं कटितटविलसच्चारूपीताम्बराढ्यम

वन्दे धन्वन्तरिं तं निखिलगदवनप्रौढदावाग्निलीलम ॥ १॥

Listen to the prayer (audio file)

We bow to Lord Dhanvantari, holding in his four graceful hands a conch shell, a wheel, a leech, and a pot of celestial nectar.

In his heart shines the purest and sweet flare of light that surrounds his head and emanates from his lotus eyes.

On dark water whose body is bright and shiny.

The waist and thighs are covered with a yellow cloth and by the game of which all diseases are conquered as by a powerful forest fire.

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